Ria Ray

I am always on the hunt for new brands that are of interest and relatable, whether it be for home, fashion, or a service of some sort. While shopping at Fred Segal one day, I came across these beautiful dainty mantra ties by Ria Ray. For those you unfamiliar with the term, “Mantra”, it is a sacred phrase that teaches love. I dug a little deeper and found out that Ria Ray is a healer and artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. Our family doesn’t practice any sort of religion, but Ria’s wisdom, in that “all things connect” and her mantra’s are something that we can relate to. Her story is astounding: she has been through devastation, which led her to her true calling – to practice healing and create fine art. Ria Ray has recently created a line of wonderful lifestyle products including mantra ties (my favorite), soy candles, mantra cards, and journals. The soy candles have relaxing fragrances, and mantra cards help keep me grounded on a daily basis. I think every busy mom needs a set! The best part, Ria was kind enough to offer one of our lucky readers a giveaway package of her products! The package includes a soy candle, mantra tie, mantra card set, and a set of 3 journals (value over $200)! To enter this giveaway, simply subscribe to Adella & Co. via e-mail, and one of our readers will be chosen using random.org. Those already subscribed will automatically be entered. For a maximum of one additional entry into the giveaway, simply “like” Ria Ray’s Facebook page and comment below letting us know that you did! You have until April 4th to enter the giveaway. Be sure to read more about Ria Ray and her amazing story on her website, http://www.riaray.com.

"DREAM creativity is trust" and "I promise to love" Mantra ties, Ria Ray

Ria Ray products are available at her online shop, Fred Segal, and The Detox Market.


9 thoughts on “Ria Ray

  1. Just liked Ria Ray’s page! Her products look so cool. Love the mantra ties! I have been looking forward to all your new updates every couple days. Love your style! Xoxo

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  3. What a wonderful message she teaches. Just spent some time on her site, I’m officially a fan! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Lex!

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