Aquatics Center

The city of San Clemente just had the grand opening of the new Aquatics Center and Sports Park, which is about 3 minutes from our house. They have been working on it for years, and we can see why. The pools are amazing!! Especially the kid pool, which is in about a foot of water, with all sorts of slides and fun things for them to climb on. And the best part, it’s heated…. so warm that they could even go in on a gloomy day like today. So much for going to the beach this summer.

Modernica Contest

I entered a photo into Modernica’s “X Marks the Spot” contest to win a case study planter. We purchased our Nelson lamps from Modernica, and drool over everything they have. If you have a second, “like” our photo on facebook (#3) and comment why you think we should win! To even be considered for the drawing is pretty cool!!
You can check out our photo on Modernica’s blog, or on facebook!

Date Night

Tim and I were able to have date night this past weekend, which has been rare for us lately. He tends to work most weekends, or we have something going on with the kids. But we got to go to one of our most favorite restaurants in town, Cafe Mimosa. It’s usually a breakfast or brunch spot for us , but the dinner menu is amazing too. It’s fun going out in downtown San Clemente, and I can’t believe how popular it’s become. (clearly it’s been a while). There are a bunch of new restaurants popping up all the time, and the streets were packed with people. OK maybe not packed, but definitely busy! So I sported a fun new top that I found in a little boutique downtown…
business in the front
party in the back!
and some stacking.
both of us ended up ordering the same thing, the lobster and filet special. It’s a petite filet and half of a main lobster, with lobster mashed potatoes pouring out. Clearly I started indulging before remembering to snap a photo.


“Look Mimi, I’m like do-ne-deer kids!”. Adella has had this little number in her dress up closet for sometime now, and we really haven’t done much with it, as I figured she was still too small. But just a few weeks ago she threw it on for the first time and could barely button it over her tummy…. for those of you who don’t know the significance of this dress, it was one that I wore for Christmas eve when I was just around her age. My cousins also have matching ones. It’s a dirndl from Germany, and I can still remember wearing it as a little girl. This particular morning Adella put it on and came downstairs to tell me that she was just like the “do-ne-deer” kids. I thought it was pretty cool of her to make the connection with the style of the dress to the movie (The Sound of Music).

and then she put her own style into it, and removed the under shirt.


Last weekend I had the opportunity to escape my daily childcare regime and spend some time with friends in LA. It was the last weekend of the Barneys warehouse sale, so we spent a couple of hours digging through what was left over and had lunch at the famous bakery and cafe, Bottega Louie. I have never seen such beautiful pastries, and found it difficult to pick from the vast assortment. We ended up bringing home some macaroons, cupcakes, and beignets. I highly recommend checking this place out, and the Bianco pizza with arugula is to die for!

scored these bd boys at the sale, at about 75% off retail!!

some people collect stamps… I collect shoes.