Well we finally made an offer on a house and it was accepted! So we are officially in escrow for the next 30 days (so long as everything goes as planned). The house is in San Clemente, in Forster Ranch, which is a Talega type neighborhood minus the mello roos. It’s practically new and needs little if any work, which we are so happy about. There are tons of kids in the neighborhood and a few firemen (Tim has already made friends) The house is a regular sale so we didn’t have to wait 3+ months to hear back from the bank, like we would on a short sale, but it was also a bit more than what it would have sold for, if it were a short sale/foreclosure.  

Our biggest concern at this point is the appraisal, and the home value being under the agreed sale price. As long as the appraisal comes back OK then we move forward with inspection, and everything else that needs to happen over the next 30 (25ish) days. 

Here is a link to the home on if you want to check out some pictures. If you click on the “featured tour” button, there are a bunch more pictures. 

It has a relatively good sized yard (for California) which is pretty much why we love it. Our good friend and realtor Carol, brought her son along to show us the house and he immediately started running around in the back yard, just as kids should. At that point it felt right. There were other homes we looked at that had pavement slabs for backyards… barely any room to run around. 
As you would imagine my mind is going crazy with idea’s for decorating. I’ve already put together the downstairs living/play room. Once we close escrow i’ll put pictures up of my idea’s 🙂

So we could be home owner’s (primary) in the next 30 days! And if not, then we start all over again, and that’s OK too 🙂

Wedding Photo’s

I know it’s been almost 2 years now… But our wedding photographer, Cassandra Dieterle, just updated her website and ours is the first one featured under “Real Weddings“.

Breezy Mama (4)

Here is the latest post I did for Breezy Mama…

The pictures came out weird on the blog, but you can click on them for more detail.


We took Adella to Zoomars today. It’s a (dirty) local (smelly) petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano. She loves the dogs and always laughs at them so we thought it would be fun for her to see all the animals at the farm. She met the bunnies and guinea pigs first and was a little shy. Then we headed over to the goats and she started to talk to them and got more comfortable. It was fun to see her reaction to all the quacks, baa’s, chirps, and moo’s in real life.