Tutu knows how to put on an awesome holiday!


The Boy

…. in 4D!! This was from the big 20 week ultrasound last week. I am 22 weeks now and the tech said that he is measuring out to be pretty big and thinks he will be 3 days earlier. Adella was due the 11th, and they are now thinking he could be due around the 12th…it’s going to be a busy month!!


We, no….I have been doing a lot of planting around our small yard 🙂 and one of our favorite places to visit is plant depot. They have a HUGE koi pond with tons of turtles, and every kind of plant you could possibly imagine. It’s a fun place to spend a morning or afternoon.

First Bike

We were in walmart (shh) today and a little bird screamed “BIKE”!! I turn around to see a whole bunch of Radio Flyer’s and the broken record continued…”bike, bike, bike, bike”. I had no idea that this word was even in her vocabulary. It’s amazing how they pick up so much everyday, now we REALLY need to watch our language ;). So I gave in and picked up a cute pink and purple one, only to walk away and realize that this is going to be a “hand me down” to (hopefully) a couple more kiddo’s to come and we were better off with a more neutral red.