Family Photo’s

We decided to have some photo’s taken of the three of us for Adella’s 1st Birthday. It’s always nice having a professional, who knows what they are doing, take pictures rather than Tim holding the camera out in front of us…. Here is a link to a blog post with some of the pictures taken by Ginette of Sundin Photography.

We had so much fun working with Ginette!! She is also a mom and was so patient with us and Adella, especially when I was running about 1/2 hour behind and Adella was teething! She is so creative and full of great ideas, we will definitely be using her in the future and is now our new “family photographer”.

Walking Video

Video to prove it…

Beach Days

We have been trying to get to the beach just about everyday this summer. Adella loves going to the beach and gets so excited as soon as she see’s the water.

We bring down a little baby pool and fill it up with ocean water to keep her occupied and out of the ocean for a bit. She loves playing in the ocean but it’s pretty rough here and kills our backs after a while.

Our set up

Standing by herself

She wasn’t happy about that…


Sort of…

Well she took her first steps on Sunday, but isn’t full on walking. It started out with just stumbling on to Tim and I. Then we encouraged her to take a few more and she gained the confidence to walk all the way to us. Later that night she was cruising around my parents house all by herself :*( She’s getting so big!

We had to distract her by giving her a book or keys to hold on to in order to get her to walk. Since Sunday she has walked a bit but we still kind of start from scratch… she needs encouragement and works her way up to more and more steps. It’s funny how excited she gets when praised, and will clap for herself.