I need to share this with everyone. As most of you know, Adella refers to me as her “Mimi” and I love it. I hope she always calls me Mimi, and I plan for it to be my Grandma name when the time comes. J.Crew has a new book called “Mimi’s Shoes”, which is about the relationship between a Grandmother and Granddaughter, and their love for shoes. Adella and I make sure to read it 2 times every night before she goes to bed. I’m thinking I should probably invest in another copy to put away for the future…



Doing what they do best… poor guy.

Adella & Nolan

Just a few hours after I gave birth, Adella came in to meet her new brother… First thing she said “MIMI!!!! Mimi’s baby, I hold my baby” She already adores him.

I swear I’m not choking him, just burping. But Had to share those amazing cheeks that droop over my hands. And Adella really likes touching them.

I guess it’s time to change the name of our blog.