Nolan is 9 weeks

Nolan is 9 weeks today! It’s amazing how different he is from when Adella was the same age. Nolan is so active and loves his play gym, he goes NUTS whacking the toys around, whereas Adella never seemed to get into toys until she was much older. I guess it’s just the difference between boys and girls and we are loving it! The princess of the house, who we refer to as “the Greg of the family” is keeping us busy and entertains us with all the funny things she comes up with. We’ll get more into that later…. for now, here are a few of the funny faces Nolan embraces us with everyday.


2 Months

Nolan is 2 months!! We just saw the pediatrician and he weighed in at 14 lbs, and is 25 inches long. He put on 2 lbs and 2 inches in a month. She told us that he is 95th percentile for weight and off the charts for height! Nothing like a big healthy baby boy. Below is Nolan’s monthly photo. I plan to take a picture of him in our chair every month for his first year (or two).


Sort of… Trying not to make it too scary for Adella. I have many memories of tip toeing down the stairs past the “dead” bodies my mom used to put out every year. Not that it was a bad thing, it was awesome actually, but I continue to suffer from nightmares… (they usually involve diapers or milk) Anyway, Adella came down the stairs after her nap to all the decorations put out and she said “oooh mimi that’s beauuutiful” 🙂

Our photographer…

….thinks we’re all that and a bag of potato chips. Or veggies I should say… Check out this nice post she did by clicking here.


It’s not easy capturing all the funny moments on film (and there are a lot of them) But I managed to sneak this video the other day. She wakes up every morning and after every nap singing songs. This time it was twinkle twinkle to “try and get the moon to come out”. No idea where that came from.