Turkey Trot

Adella’s school hosted a Turkey Trot/food drive a week before Thanksgiving this year. All of the kids made turkey hats for the occasion and ran around a small track in the parking lot. The kids had a blast and the biggest grins on their faces while running around, the photo’s are awesome. We were supposed to spend Thanksgiving at the firehouse this year, but the kids and I were sick, so we ended up just staying home 😦 Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!



Lately it’s been “Mimi I want to be a Cheeleadah”, “Do my hair like a Cheeleadah”, “Do Cheeleadah’s wear that?”.

Uniform C/O the Ruocco’s! Thank you!!

Halloween 2011

On Halloween Adella went to school in her costume and the parents were invited back for a party and parade. I think it’s worth mentioning that she wore her Annie wig the WHOLE day!! It was so fun to see all the little kids dressed up and proudly parading for their parents. Our neighbors ended up getting a taco stand that night, so that we didn’t have to worry about cooking before trick or treating, and I was able to get into character ;o). Luckily, with the help of a sugar high, the kids were able to make it to most of the houses on our street for trick or treating. And Nolan, being that it was his first year of real trick or treating, wanted to eat every piece he was given at that very moment. So it slowed things down a bit.

Tim’s 35ish Birthday

Tim is getting old! Aye. For his 35th birthday this year, I surprised him with an adventure on horseback. He had no idea what was coming to him. Everyone knows my love for horses, and riding them. So I thought it would be a GREAT idea to try and get Tim to fall in love with them, that way when the kids are all in school, and I start bugging him about leasing/purchasing a horse, he would understand that love and agree to it! All part of a master plan. I did a lot of research to find a place that rents out trail horses, has good views, and let’s you do pretty much whatever you want on the horse (within reason, of course). I wanted Tim to feel the thrill of cantering, and most rental places are strict about walking only. So I found “Circle K Stables” in Burbank. We took a 2 hour trail ride up Mt. Hollywood to see the Hollywood sign. The views were amazing. We got a beautiful day and could see for miles and miles. It was just the two of us and a guide, she was great and willing to let us trot and canter as much as we wanted. Our horses were happy and well cared for, and very understanding of my English commands and Tim’s newness to it all ;o). After dismounting we cowboy walked back to the car and headed to Philippes for lunch. We were both sore for at least a week. I can’t wait to go back…. Tim on the other hand…. or should I say “Cowboy Jim”.

Neighborhood Halloween Party

I was going to include these photo’s on our Halloween post, but there were just too many. October is a big month for us, lot’s of birthdays and Halloween! This year Adella wanted to be Annie, Nolan was Sandy and I was Miss Hannigan, naturally. Tim was scheduled to work on Halloween this year, so we didn’t plan a costume for him (ahem, Rooster or Daddy Warbucks) but he ended up getting it off at the last minute, woohoo!

Our neighbors down the street throw a huge Halloween party every year. This year they had 2 bounce houses, a face painter, cotton candy machine 🙂 hot dogs, snacks, AND a haunted house. They went all out between the decorations, dessert table and cupcake decorating. A lot of time went into designing and planning this party, and no detail went unnoticed!

The best part was the debut of this years Halloween costumes…

our neighbors are awesome.