If you haven’t heard yet, Pops got an awesome new boat. Adella joined us (while tutu watched Nolan) to Christen the boat (yet to be named). It also happened to be the Tall Ships weekend, so she had a blast checking out all the big “pirate boats”.


Dress Up

Adella has been infatuated with weddings and brides ever since we watched the royal wedding last spring, I guess little girls really do start planning their weddings at 3 years old. She was given this amazing white dress-up costume and insisted upon wearing it the minute she got it, typical 3 year old. Then I remembered that I had an old J.Crew wedding dress (I got it before our wedding with the intention of shortening it, or using it somehow, which never happened). So I ran upstairs, threw on the dress and surprised her in the white gown. In her animated ways she said “OOOhhh Mimi! I can wear YOUR dress, can I wear your dress now?”. And so yet another Mimi/Della dress up session began…


Nolan recently had his first In N Out burger! He got a classic cheeseburger, and loved it, while Adella got her usual “cheese burger with no cheese”.

Our Family Room

Tim and I have been doing a lot of work around the house lately, mostly painting and making a few small improvements where we can. Our problem is that we start with one room, work for a few days, get burnt out, and then move on to another area of the house before finishing what we started. For example; our kitchen cabinets have been painted and hardware replaced, but we have yet to complete all of the finishing touches. A trend throughout the whole house. But we’re OK with it. However, we have somewhat finished our family room, where we spend most of our time with the kids. We painted over the “Swiss Coffee” color that was throughout the house, put some hardware on the built-in’s and found most of our furnishings. I don’t believe a room is ever really “complete”, and I try to come up with a neutral palate that can be interchangeable with pops of color in accessories. So here is how it looked before, and how it looks today!


This summer we spent a lot of time going down to Doheny Beach, where Adella started surfing! We rented a 9ft foam board and Tim would paddle out with her into the line up. She loved watching the “surfer girls” on the big pink boards and had blast just paddling around. These pictures were taken with my iphone, so the quality isn’t the best.