Transform Your Scarf Into A Cover-Up

Scarves have provided me with an easy way to vamp up and accessorize my maternity wardrobe. While shopping at one of my favorite boutiques in San Clemente, Lincoln Street Boutique (they always have an amazing selection of scarves), the always stylish shop owner showed me this neat way to transform my favorite scarves into a vest or cover-up! Follow these instructions for a quick way to cover-up your favorite swimsuit or add some flair to an everyday look:


Rayon Scarf, Lincoln Street Boutique

Step 1: Using a LARGE scarf, fold in half lengthwise and loosely tie the ends of one corner to form two “bunny ears”.

Step 2: Fold again and pinch a small section of fabric on top of the “bunny ears” to form a third “ear”.

Step 3: You should now have three “bunny ears”, tie the two previous ears tightly over the third to secure – that’s it!
Picture 3 Picture 4
Picture 2


Fireman Tim

Last fall, Adella started her first year of pre-school at Bright Horizons in San Clemente, CA. She absolutely loves it and asks to go to school every day. If only we could keep this trend alive for the next 20ish years.

Throughout the year, Adella’s teachers asked for parent volunteers to come in and speak to the kids about their careers. With the end of the year quickly approaching,  I happily suggested that Tim be a guest speaker. Kids love Tim; they swarm around him at play grounds, and the fact that he is a Fireman really gives him brownie points! So he gathered up a few sets of turn outs and helmets for kids to try on, some badge stickers, coloring books, and plastic helmets for all of the “Rainbow Friends” to take home. He did a wonderful job talking to the kids, and managed to keep it short and sweet so that he didn’t lose the attention of the 3-5 year olds. The kids were thrilled to have a real Fireman come into their class, and they were SO excited to be able to try on all the heavy gear!

Beach Days

I love this time of year. The sun is shining and school is still in session, which means the beaches are wide open! Tim’s schedule allows for us to enjoy these perfect days mid-week, and we have been taking full advantage. The kids love spending time at the beach, and Nolan gets fixated on the idea every time he sees the ocean, only to be satisfied once his toes are in the sand…. it makes doing any errands quite a challenge!

I found this gauzy tunic (in addition to many other things) at Luna Boutique which recently opened a store in Laguna Niguel. I love that it can be worn many different ways, and today it served as the perfect cover-up for our morning at the beach.

Vintage Havana Tunic, House of Harlow Sunglasses, J.Crew Bracelets, Hawaiian Heirloom Bangles, Stella & Dot Hoops

Our little Fish

Tim and I are always discussing which sports and activities we would like for our kids to (hopefully) be involved with. Our opinions differ slightly, but one thing we always agree upon is the importance of swim lessons. Adella LOVES to swim! So, we decided to try out the lessons offered by the city of San Clemente at the new Aquatics Center. The lessons have been wonderful, and she asks to go back and see Ms. Rachel everyday! Nolan doesn’t mind going either, he usually jumps around on the chairs and threatens to hop in the pool with a devilish grin on his face. He is nothing like his father… ;o)

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A Happy Hour Affair

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a happy hour event put on by Swirl Boutique and Salon Incognito in San Clemente. It was an evening of trunk shows featuring colorful Reuse Denim and sparkling hair accessories by Jolie Flowers (new obsessions of mine). Attendees were treated to style blowouts by the team at Salon Incognito, delicious appetizers from the Village Mediterranian Rim, and grab bags filled with goodies from shops up an down Avenida Del Mar. It was the perfect way to spend an evening with friends and getting to know some of the best businesses in San Clemente. If you’re ever in town, make sure to stop in Swirl Boutique where you can find a fabulous selection of unique clothing, shoes and accessories. You might even be able to score this adorable red dress!