Girls Trip To San Francisco

A couple of weeks ago, Adella and I were invited to visit my two brothers and sister in-law in San Francisco for the weekend. My sister in-law, Emily,  is an amazing singer and performs with her band, The Cosmo Alleycats, at a beautiful restaurant/lounge every week. They have a following of swing dancers, and we thought it would be fun for Adella to see her on stage, watch the dancers and spend a couple of days running around the city.  I love San Francisco and wish we could get up there more often, so we were thrilled to get away for some “Mimi and Della time”.

We ate at some of the most amazing restaurants, visited the California Academy of Sciences Museum, and played tourist for a couple of days. Adella loved riding in taxis, playing with Emily’s kitties and eating out “like a big girl” for every meal. We had a blast on our brief but fun-filled trip, and I hope to make girls trips like this an annual event! Here are some photos from our trip captured via instagram…

Picture 3

Thank you Greg, Aunt Em & Unkin Buck for such a fun weekend!


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