Savoy Scones

I haven’t had too many unusual cravings with this pregnancy, but when a certain food pops into my mind, I absolutely HAVE to have it. Last week, out of nowhere, I suddenly had to have scones with clotted cream and jam. And not just any scones, I wanted the real deal… nothing store bought. So I did some research online and found the actual recipe for the famed Savoy Scones, which are served during afternoon tea at The Savoy in London.  I added my own twist to the recipe and replaced currants with wild blueberries.


This recipe is very easy to follow, and if you plan to give it a whirl here are a few pointers:

– make sure not to over-mix.

– use 1 WHOLE egg for the egg wash, not just the yolk.

– sprinkle with a little bit of fine sugar on top before baking.

– bake on a regular setting, not convection.

The only thing missing was my favorite clotted cream. Our local British store closed last month, so I’ll have to order some online or find a specialty grocery store that carries it. This is definitely not high tea at The Savoy, but the kids loved them and they made for a wonderful afternoon treat with (pregnancy) tea.


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