Adella’s 4th Birthday Party (Part 1)

Adella is 4!!! Our first born turned 4 on Monday, and we threw her a small party with all of her best girlfriends to celebrate. She specifically requested a “Dorothy” party this year, so I spent many nights diligently working away – hoping to create a party that would be as magical and memorable as the movie.

I spent some time researching party decorations that would work with our theme, but nothing fit the bill. Luckily, I came across Designer Gwynn Wasson’s website and contacted her about creating a custom party pack. She was more than willing to work with my ideas and after a few e-mail exchanges, she came up with the perfect design (I wanted to incorporate a little bit of Kansas with a whole lot of OZ). I used haystacks for risers, and gingham touches to represent Kansas; as well as bright paper fans and colorful flowers for OZ. Our backyard “rainbow” was a huge hit with the kids; it gave a feeling of being transported to the other side of the rainbow, while providing additional shade during the hot summer day.

We kept the food pretty simple, and tried to stay within the theme. Adella’s guests loved their “Toto on a bun” & “Scarecrow Stuffing” for lunch, and the parents got a kick out of the “Yellow bricks” & “Ding Dong…” on the dessert table.

Here are some photos of the party styling:

Part 2 featuring Adella and her guests coming up next!


17 thoughts on “Adella’s 4th Birthday Party (Part 1)

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my goodness, you sure know how to do it! As an OZ fan, I would have loved to have been there!!! I would love to be the good witch!!! 🙂 Happy birthday, Adella!!!

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