DIY Slasher Shorts

Feeling inspired by WILD AND FREE HAWAII, I decided to get scissor happy with an old pair of shorts that I never wore, and created a custom pair of DIY slasher shorts.  I started with just a few cuts and gradually added more to create the desired effect. Then I remembered that I had a bunch of studs leftover from the friendship bracelets and started studding away. I think they turned out pretty good, and now I wear them more than I ever did in the past…


2 thoughts on “DIY Slasher Shorts

  1. Nice work Alexis. I never know exactly where to make the cut, it’s always too high or too low.. Did you just measure them when you were wearing them? I also notice they are higher on the sides than front and I’m assuming the back too??

    • Thanks Holly!! I think it’s best to start with just a few cuts, then throw them on and wash to see where everything falls. Washing and drying will create the fray, and remember they will continue to fray more over time. If they’re too long then cut another quarter to half inch and just do the same process over again. On this particular pair I slightly angled them up on the sides and did the same on the back.

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