Summer Days

It’s been a busy and yet a fun start to our summer! Every week we have been off to an event or excursion of some sort, and it seems as though we’ve hardly been home all together. Our schedules book up so quickly and so far in advance now that we have kids. Both Adella and Nolan have birthdays in August, so we’ve been wrapped up in planning and organizing for the big days; and Tim has so graciously been accommodating for a few “girls” trips that I have been able to partake in. One of which occurred last weekend with my Mom (Tutu) and cousin, Chrissy. We spent the weekend catching up, relaxing, and soaking up the sun in Palm Springs. I can’t seem to stay away from there… although with temperatures now pushing 110+, it will probably be a while before our next trip.

This weekend I was in Boston for a few days (blog post coming soon) celebrating one of my oldest and best friend’s engagement/shower/bachelorette. I also had an opportunity to meet my new nephew, Wes, who was born last week! I wish I could have brought the whole family to sight see with the kids and visit our entire extended family. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it work this time, so I headed out there solo (it was my first time away from the kids for more than 2 days, eek)! We hope that everyone is having a fantastic summer! Here are a couple of photos from a fun and very lively spot in Palm Springs…

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