Adella’s First Dance Recital

Last weekend marked Adella’s first official dance recital!! She started dancing in a ballet/tap/tumbling combo class last September, and has loved it ever since. We were a little shocked at the costs associated with participating in the recital, but we couldn’t deny her the chance to give it a try. I grew up Irish Step Dancing where I danced competitively and only occasionally performed for events and holidays. So this was all new to me.

Adella practiced her special dance most nights after dinner, and even got Nolan involved (for a good laugh click here). I thought it would be a good idea to prepare her for what to expect when performing on stage, so that it wasn’t a huge shock when the bright lights were shining on her! So, we showed her a few pictures of auditoriums and videos of rectials on YouTube, and she didn’t seem nervous at all… only excited to be on stage “just like Shirley Temple”.

A week before the big performance, she went into the dance studio for a photo shoot and dress rehearsal. We did her hair and make-up (much to Tim’s dismay) and she loved every moment of it! When the big day finally arrived, I was definitely the one feeling the nerves. I didn’t know how she would feel during the hustle and bustle back stage, or how she would react to being escorted onto a dark stage only to have shockingly bright lights pop on, and be expected to perform…. But, when it was her turn to dance SHE WAS PERFECT!!! Adella knew the whole routine and had a blast standing up there with her dance friends. Every day since, she’s been asking when her next recital is and if she can practice her “teddy bear dance”. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait another year for a recital. But for now, Nolan is doing a wonderful job banging on the piano while Adella sings and dances for us…


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