DIY Studded Friendship Bracelets

They’ve been popping up everywhere, and they are back with a twist! Friendship bracelets are now beautifully embellished with chains, studs, rhinestones, etc. Like most kids born in the 80’s, making friendship bracelets was an elementary school favorite. I remember pinning them to my jeans and knotting away during breaks in school. I think I was rather selfish with mine though, only occasionally giving them away…

So when I started seeing them in shops selling at high prices, I decided to see if my knotting skills were still intact. I made a quick trip to Michaels for embroidery thread and purchased studs online… it’s all you need to create your very own DIY studded friendship bracelets! My first bracelet was pretty tragic. I needed to refresh my skills, so I found a tutorial online which was easy to follow. I find making these bracelets sort of therapeutic; sometimes doing mindless tasks are relaxing and I’ve enjoyed starting a new crafting project.

At this point my skills have greatly improved, and suddenly I have so many friends that NEED a bracelet ;). Leaving my selfishness behind, I have gladly constructed a number of studded bracelets for my friends & family. I also thought it would be fun to offer a giveaway of a set of studded friendship bracelets to one of our e-mail subscribers! Simply submit your e-mail address to follow Adella & Co. and you will be entered to win! Those already subscribed via e-mail will be entered. I will choose a winner using on July 10th.


7 thoughts on “DIY Studded Friendship Bracelets

    • OMG, Tutu and I would have loved making these and giving one to each other, but we were the fashionistas (especially your creative mom) of the 60s. I want one! They are gorgeous! Love to you all… Happy 4th!

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