Fireman Tim

Last fall, Adella started her first year of pre-school at Bright Horizons in San Clemente, CA. She absolutely loves it and asks to go to school every day. If only we could keep this trend alive for the next 20ish years.

Throughout the year, Adella’s teachers asked for parent volunteers to come in and speak to the kids about their careers. With the end of the year quickly approaching,  I happily suggested that Tim be a guest speaker. Kids love Tim; they swarm around him at play grounds, and the fact that he is a Fireman really gives him brownie points! So he gathered up a few sets of turn outs and helmets for kids to try on, some badge stickers, coloring books, and plastic helmets for all of the “Rainbow Friends” to take home. He did a wonderful job talking to the kids, and managed to keep it short and sweet so that he didn’t lose the attention of the 3-5 year olds. The kids were thrilled to have a real Fireman come into their class, and they were SO excited to be able to try on all the heavy gear!


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