A Holiday With Meghan

Having children is the most amazing and natural thing a woman can experience. While it is a beautiful experience, it takes a major toll on our bodies! Some women choose to not discuss the less glamorous things that go along with bearing children, however I am an open book on the subject. After Nolan was born I suffered with a staph infection that lasted 10 months, it was gruesome. But I was able to conceal the symptoms, and deal with it in my own way. However, when I started losing my hair postpartum, It was something I couldn’t hide.

Meghan has been my hair stylist/therapist for years now, and she suggested that I try hair extensions to make up for the hair loss (which is temporary and quite common postpartum). I’ve always had long hair, but it’s very fine and curly, so she selected a match for my “type”. The extensions gave me the long, thick hair that I always wanted and would never have naturally….I am addicted. It’s been over a year that I’ve had extensions, and I don’t think I can ever go back to life without them. Now that I am part of the secret “club” I realize how many members there are. EVERYONE has extensions, and now I see why.

Meghan only supplies the best 100% natural human hair, and matches the color/texture to her clients. I can wash and style my hair as normal, then go in for routine “maintenance” every 6-8 weeks depending on my hair growth. I love that they require more appointments with Meghan; not only do I get to enjoy my “therapy” sessions with her, but I leave with a signature Meghan Kenney blow dry. She is known for her blow drys, and has clients who come in specifically for her blow dry skills, in addition to fabulous cuts & color. She is a Network Educator with Bumble and Bumble, and is always in the know of the latest and greatest of hair trends, products, and techniques. It is rare that one can come across a hair stylist that is the definition of a “full-package”, and I am grateful to have found this gem in Meghan Kenney Sedillos at Holiday Salon.

Thank you, Meghan, for always providing me with an exceptional experience at Holiday Salon, and allowing me to vent throughout the entire appointmet! To book an appointment with Meghan at Holiday Salon in Costa Mesa, call 949 642-4040.


3 thoughts on “A Holiday With Meghan

    • Thank you! Yes, you can absolutely wear your hair up… I do it all the time! The extensions are placed in rows with sections of hair separating each row, so the tiny locks (which are matched to your color) can’t be seen.

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