I Flew A Plane

Last week, I was invited to join one of Tim’s co-workers on an aerial photography shoot! Tim casually told me about Jeff’s hobby/side business and that I would be welcome to tag along any time… so I jumped at the opportunity. I was a little nervous for the week leading up to the shoot, knowing that I would be in a small plane or helicopter, but as soon as I arrived at the airport my nerves were gone (the adrenaline took over).

After mapping out a route of jobs to shoot, in addition to sites that we wanted to see, we were off on a tiny 4 seater plane! Taking off was the most fun; the small plane felt like it had so much power and energy. I felt pretty good for most of the flight, but won’t deny that a little bit of motion sickness started kicking in. Once the actual jobs were shot we landed at a small airport and I got to sit in front to take my own photos. We headed towards downtown LA and at 3000+ft we opened the windows and started taking pictures. It was pretty crazy being up so high, in a tiny plane, with the windows open….taking pictures!

We made a few circles around LA and the Hollywood sign before it was time to head back to the airport. The windows were closed and the kind pilot turned to me and asked “are you ready to fly it now?” I looked at him dumbfounded and agreed to give it a try (I can barely see past the end of my nose). With a few simple instructions, I WAS FLYING A PLANE, and sweating about it! James Bond makes flying look so easy, and cool… but I couldn’t believe how much goes into it. Flying the plane, watching the controls, listening to the radio, and watching the sky ahead of you is completely overwhelming. I have SO much respect for pilots!

Unfortunately, I’m an inexperienced photographer; my settings were off and most of the photos came back over-exposed. However, I still managed to get a few good ones despite my amateur ability and hazy weather conditions. Best part of it all, Mrs. Magoo got to fly a plane!

Griffith Observatory

Disneyland (Shot through a window)

This day was an experience that I will never forget. Thank you Jeff, for letting me tag along and bug you with a million questions!


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