Fish Tacos

I am on a roll. At Trader Joe’s last week they were handing out samples of fish tacos, and the kids loved them! They always enjoy trying food samples when we’re shopping, and I usually buy the ingredients to make whatever it is at home…. only to find that they refuse to eat it. I eventually gave up on making “Costco samples” at home, but this time I decided to give the Trader Joe’s fish tacos a try (Nolan devoured 3 of them while we were shopping).

They may look fancy, but are really quite simple to make. The ingredients include: corn tortillas, frozen fish nuggets, broccoli salad, and a mixture of salse verde with sour cream for the sauce. Normally I wouldn’t ever buy “frozen fish nuggets”, just the name is a turn off, but I was willing to give it a try. In the end, Nolan and Adella gobbled them up and it was a nice change from our usual meal of salmon and veggies. I think I am starting to like this cooking thing… but I HATE doing dishes!


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