Big Girl Bike

A couple of weeks ago Tim surprised Adella with her first “big girl bike”! A Disney princess bike, complete with streamers, a bell, and a basket. I would have loved for her to get a cool retro style beach cruiser, but like most 3 year-olds, she wants everything to be princess related. This was a huge milestone for both Adella and Tim. He couldn’t wait to buy her first bike, and she hadn’t been showing any interest until recently.

We gave her a quick run-down on how to ride a big bike with training wheels; that it’s OK to fall off, and that she would fall pretty often in the beginning. So, off she went in our cul-de-sac, riding around with Tim right behind helping her along…and within a few minutes the bike tipped and she was on the ground! Luckily, she is brave like her Dad and got right back on to start riding again. The bike is still a little big for her, but she loves riding it and showing all the neighborhood kids.


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