Bachelor Studio

My brother, Matt, recently moved into a new apartment in San Francisco, and asked me to help with furnishing. We pretty much started from scratch and based the design around a collection of prints by Shepard Fairey. Matt has an extensive collection of art, but we chose to highlight these particular ones, which happen to be his current favorite. I flew up for just over 24 hours and we managed to rent a van, shop in Emeryville, lug everything up 5 flights of stairs, and sneak in a few good meals. I mocked up the design and chose paint colors ahead of time, so we were quite efficient when shopping. I think it turned out really nice, and it was exactly what he wanted.

Photos C/O Emily Wade Adams


11 thoughts on “Bachelor Studio

  1. Love the way you showcased the artwork and the contemporary lines of the furniture. Cool space! And my very favorite part is the double man painting by Steve Locke!

  2. What’s fantastic is that you’ve created a space that IS Matt! I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Matt as an adult (I met him when he was a little guy.), but I get a clear sense of Matt through his sister’s creativity! So often interior designers erase the personality of the client and replace it with their own taste. Perhaps it’s because you know your client so well. This is coupled with a great eye and talent! Congrats Lexi! You can be proud and Matt can enjoy his San Francisco home!

    • Thank you so much, and yes, it is very much his personality!! I learned from early on in my career, the importance of designing for different “demographics” and adjusting everything based upon what the client wants/needs. Thank you for all of your kind words!!

  3. That place looks almost EXACTLY like what I want to turn my little apartment into. Love the black couch with the orange pillows and orange/red art above it. Any chance you remember where you got the couch? Thanks!

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