Oceanside Farmers Market

One thing I will always love and appreciate about living in California, is the fresh produce grown locally and available to us year round. We make weekly trips to the farmers markets in either San Juan Capistrano or Oceanside, to pick up our produce and fish for the week. The kids love going too, as the vendors are always willing to give them berries and other sweet treats to snack on, ah to be young and cute… This particular week we drove down to Oceanside, partly because Tim was craving a “Meat Man” sausage, and I just love the lumpia they have for sale!

Now this is interesting, we’ve been buying our olive oil from Petrou Foods for years now, they have the most amazing organic unfiltered olive oil, as well as cheeses, olives, pickled garlic, etc. This was the first time that I had ever spoken to the owner  about something other than olive oil, he revealed to me that he was once a fashion designer, and used to work with Coco Chanel. His name is George Petrou and he has dressed some of the greats, from Elizabeth Taylor to Jackie O. He even had a weathered newspaper article on hand to show me, which highlighted how he left his career in fashion to pursue his love for food. I wish we could have had more time to chat, but at this point the kids were getting restless and our arms were full of goodies. But if you ever get a chance, look for this man, and ask him to tell you his story… he will be happy to share!

To read more about George Petrou’s story you can check out this article written about him by clicking here!


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