HomeGoods Hoarding

I am totally guilty of it. I love HomeGoods, so much that I am there on a weekly basis and keep track of when shipment trucks arrive. There is an art to discount shopping, especially at HomeGoods, where they tend to only receive one or two pieces of any particular item. I have scored almost all of the art and accessories in our home (as well as my clients) from HomeGoods. You would be surprised to see how many contemporary and even mid-century modern things they receive. I get such a thrill in finding unique items that are currently for sale at full retail in mass market stores. These lacquered boxes were something I have seen before at HomeGoods but neglected to pick up. This time around I purchased all three sizes, and so far have found a spot for two of them in our upstairs hallway.


2 thoughts on “HomeGoods Hoarding

  1. Great blog! I too saw these boxes (but in blue) at my local HomeGoods but failed to snatch them up before someone else had the same idea! Do you know what the brand happens to be? Fingers crossed that I can find them somewhere else!

    • I have seen them come and go over the last year or so… there is a sticker on the bottom of mine that says “NBC Trading Co.”. Best of luck to you on your hunt, I’m sure they’ll come back around soon!!

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