Date Night

Tim and I were able to have date night this past weekend, which has been rare for us lately. He tends to work most weekends, or we have something going on with the kids. But we got to go to one of our most favorite restaurants in town, Cafe Mimosa. It’s usually a breakfast or brunch spot for us , but the dinner menu is amazing too. It’s fun going out in downtown San Clemente, and I can’t believe how popular it’s become. (clearly it’s been a while). There are a bunch of new restaurants popping up all the time, and the streets were packed with people. OK maybe not packed, but definitely busy! So I sported a fun new top that I found in a little boutique downtown…
business in the front
party in the back!
and some stacking.
both of us ended up ordering the same thing, the lobster and filet special. It’s a petite filet and half of a main lobster, with lobster mashed potatoes pouring out. Clearly I started indulging before remembering to snap a photo.

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