“Look Mimi, I’m like do-ne-deer kids!”. Adella has had this little number in her dress up closet for sometime now, and we really haven’t done much with it, as I figured she was still too small. But just a few weeks ago she threw it on for the first time and could barely button it over her tummy…. for those of you who don’t know the significance of this dress, it was one that I wore for Christmas eve when I was just around her age. My cousins also have matching ones. It’s a dirndl from Germany, and I can still remember wearing it as a little girl. This particular morning Adella put it on and came downstairs to tell me that she was just like the “do-ne-deer” kids. I thought it was pretty cool of her to make the connection with the style of the dress to the movie (The Sound of Music).

and then she put her own style into it, and removed the under shirt.


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