8 Months

Nolan is 8 months!! He is now pulling up to standing on EVERYTHING. So we had to lower his crib all the way down. He is really fast at crawling now, and gets around quickly, which makes it even more difficult to get anything done around the house. We have heard him utter the word “mama”, but it usually comes out as “mamamamamama”, and we’re starting to encourage “mimi” over “mama”. It’s amazing how different he is from when Adella was the same age, the whole boy thing really stands out. He’s rough with toys, much more adventurous, and HUGE. But they do have the same deep belly giggle. Adella is still the apple of his eye, and they play really well together. She is always telling me if he gets into something that he shouldn’t have, and watching out for him. We’ve been going to the pool every week, and Nolan loves being in the water and watching the older kids play.

This is a typical Nolan face… big squeezable cheeks.


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