New Year, New Table, New Injury…

… = new projects. Or the possibility of accomplishing a new project. I will address the “New Injury” first. Tim had an MRI the other day on his foot for pain he was having ever since the softball playoffs 5 weeks ago. Turns out he broke his heel, and we should find out how long he will be off from work on Monday, but could be anywhere from 4-6 weeks plus! Soooo never one to miss out on an opportunity to work on a DIY project, he plans on painting our kitchen cabinets. The last time we painted kitchen cabinets it took weeks to complete, and that was before kids. I will post pictures of the progress, if he is even capable of attacking such a project while injured.

The newest addition to our house is this cute table and chairs for our kitchen. (hence the urge to paint and complete this part of the house). We still plan to wallpaper and paint the walls but I haven’t found a winner yet. We also hope to re-tile around the fireplace with some cool mosaic or subway tiles. But here is how it looks to date, still so unfinished looking to me, but we’ll get there eventually.


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