The hunt for the perfect tree

We are VERY particular about picking out the perfect Christmas tree every year. We would never go with a fake, and still don’t understand why anyone would, even if it is “eco-friendly”. It’s just not the same with a fake one. But I would like to have 2 tree’s, a kid tree and a fancy one that I can go crazy with. So maybe at the end of the season we’ll pick up an obnoxious fake one for the front living room next year. Speaking of “eco-friendly”, there is a new service that I heard about recently, where you can rent a living tree that’s potted. They will deliver it for you and you can even get the same tree each year! I think it’s only for people in the LA area, but maybe next year someone in OC will pick up on the trend. That would be pretty cool to have the same tree each year. There are a few places that you can cut your own, but we end up going to the same lot every year, where the tree’s are brought down from Oregon and the workers are shipped in from the midwest….. not sure about other area’s but they are like carnies around here. Anyway, here are a few pictures from the hunt. I still haven’t had a chance to finish decorating, so those pictures will come later.

Adella wanted the “baby” one…


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