Swim Lessons

Adella started taking swimming lessons last week at Tadpoles Swim School which is right down the street from where we live. The pool is in the instructors back yard, it’s a salt water solar heated pool that is around 87 degrees so it’s great for toddlers. The lessons are private, 15 minutes long, and 4 days a week. The first few days I had to go hide so Della couldn’t see me annnnd she cried. I think the hardest part was getting her used to being with someone she didn’t know. She doesn’t go to daycare or have any babysitters other than family, so being with someone she didn’t know was a little shocking. By day 3 she was comfortable and excited to go swim with “Miss Alex”. She went from clenching on to me, to happily jumping in the pool with her instructor. Tim went the last day and got in the water with them so that he could continue working on everything Miss Alex taught her, but Della wanted to swim with Miss Alex instead.

This is the face she makes when anticipating going under, and she lets out a little squeal of excitement…

Swimming alone with flippers…

Jumping in to Miss Alex and turning around to grab the wall...


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