Tutu’s Playroom

Tutu recently converted part of my old bedroom into a magical playroom for Adella. After I moved out it was used for storage and all the random things that had no home. She purchased most of the pieces from Ikea, Homegoods, and Target. But you would never know. The other part of the room is now a music room, where Adella listens to old Disney records over and over again. I have so many fun memories of playing in my grandparents playrooms when I was little and I know our kids will adore this one. Thanks Tutu. Now go ahead and drool.

The dress up corner is my favorite part.

I had to include this one of Adella struggling to get Tim’s beer with such determination.

One thought on “Tutu’s Playroom

  1. WOW! I am drooling and jealous! I can see where you get your amazing eye for decorating, from Tutu! This room is GORGEOUS! The dress up corner is my favorite too. I am pretty sure my daughter would faint with excitement over that. (Must not be so envious…must not…)

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