Final Countdown

Cue the music….

Had another appointment today and I’m 1 cm dilated and he is really low, so hopefully I will have another week before little Jim enters our lives. Tim took this picture the other day, we’re not having maternity photo’s taken this time around, funny how things change with the second. We’d rather have a newborn photo session and more family photo’s taken in the fall. But he did a pretty good job with a little direction! 🙂 Helloooo thunda thighs!!


2 thoughts on “Final Countdown

  1. ive had a lot of questions about "Jim" and it's sort of an inside joke that needs to be put to rest. Ever since my brothers met Tim they always called him "Jim" to give him a hard time. So sometimes I refer to Tim as Jim jokingly, and hence the boy has also been nicknamed Jim. But that will NOT be his name!!! No offense to any Jim's out there!!

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