….the little dood! This isn’t the greatest ultrasound picture, but its of his leg, bum and…. see the arrow? This is from last week’s ultrasound, I was around 16.5 weeks and have another next week. The best pictures that we got of Adella were during the 12 week ultrasound, when you can see the whole baby. Now that he is getting bigger you can only see certain parts. This pregnancy is definitely different from the last, I have been having some cramping, which is never fun. The doc said it was prob due to the fact that we have had so much going on lately with the move, being sick, etc. and that I should try and take it easy (yeah right). He is really active and I feel him kicking away all the time, that’s my favorite part!

In other news, we are finally moved in and working on unpacking! We are loving the new house more and more each day. It’s amazing how much stuff we have…. tons and tons of cooking, serving, and kitchen things that were still packed away in our garage from our wedding. We have enough stuff to have a party of over 100 people. What we don’t have is furniture, but we’re working on that too… slowly. I started planting flowers in the yard, so hopefully by the summer everything will be colorful and full grown, plus the weather has been so nice that we just want to be outside all day. Adella has been quite the little helper around the house. She likes to dig in the dirt, put laundry in the washer/dryer, and pick up any little piece of lint or dust that she can find. She’s starting to seem a little OCD with things being dirty and/or out of place…. and gets really upset if her hands are dirty. Such a girl. 🙂

To get away from all the work in the house, we have started going to Disney again, and will meet friends for a morning or afternoon. I can’t even mention the words “pooh”, “mickey” or “disney” without Adella insisting we go, or repeating the words like a broken record. We are so lucky to be so close to disneyland and able to simply go for an hour or so during the week. Plus I love eating all the crap throughout the park, we have our usual stops for churros, ice cream, and burgers.

Well, off to finish up a few projects while the princess naps, and then possibly the pool for this afternoon!! It’s a beautiful time of year to come out and visit…..


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