11 months

Only one more month until the big 1st BIRTHDAY!!!!

Tim and I have decided not to have a big birthday party for Adella, we’re going to save that one for when she turns 2. Instead we plan on spending the day at Disneyland / California Adventure, as we are annual passport holders now 🙂 You can have a little birthday party lunch at one of the restaurants where they will bring a mini 4″ cake and characters will sing happy birthday. It’s more for our enjoyment, Tim loves Disneyland and Adella doesn’t quite “get it” yet. Her Birthday is on a Thursday so hopefully we will avoid the crazy summer weekend rush… but who knows.

Adella is getting really good at crawling and is all over the place. It was a lot easier when we could just plop her down on the ground and know she would be there for a while. So now I am mopping and vacuuming just about everyday! Almost everyday… She eats just about everything now and loves to try whatever we are having. She still points at everything and will even do a double point. We’re not positive but it seems like she knows our names, mama and dada. We have a little baby album that we put pictures in and practice saying names. She claps and bobs to music and laughs at everything. Still not quite walking yet, she could do it on her own but needs to build up confidence. But we’re OK with that… not ready for walking yet!! And I am on the final countdown of nursing days…. almost done!!!

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