9 Months

Adella turned 9 months the other day!! Only 3 more till the big Birthday!! My, how quickly they grow…

She had her 9 month appointment yesterday and weighed 18 1/2 lbs and is just over 28.5″ Long. No more mushy pureed food, we are giving her everything we eat now. I was excited for this new milestone, but now we really need to start cooking at home. It was a lot easier to just whip up some food in the babycook and freeze it for future meals, now I have to plan out healthy meals every night. She had her first taste of chicken tonight along with pea’s, carrots, and green beans. Feeding her had started to get a bit difficult, I think she was getting bored. So now that she can actually feed herself it has gotten much better. We are also able to season her food, which makes it a lot more exciting for her. Sash and Patty brought us a bunch of avocados from their yard and Adella went nuts over them especially with a little bit of salt :).

Adella loves being around other kids. After our baby bootcamp classes all of the little ones tend to mingle around us and she loves interacting with them and watching the older ones play.  We go to music classes every other week, where we sing songs and play instruments, I think she likes the excitement of all the loud sounds. Swimming classes are next…

She has definitely developed stranger anxiety, and has become pretty clingy. She likes to people watch, but from the safety of Tim’s or my arms. Her cry has changed too… she does a sort of babbling cry, it’s kind of funny and hard not to laugh when she gets upset. Dressing her and changing her diaper is the end of the world and she is quite dramatic whenever we go to do it. 
Tim got Adella a red buggy car thing, all the kids in the neighborhood have them, it’s so fun to watch her sit up and clench on to the stirring wheel. She has to touch every fire hydrant that we pass on our walks, I’m a little concerned that she hates being dressed but loves fire hydrants…

Here are a few recent pictures.

Model in training…
So chic
The Wal-Mart Mercedes
This is how we are greeted after her naps


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