Ear Infection :(

The past two weeks have been exhausting. We had our first experience with a sick baby. (which is why we have been MIA) It started out two Saturdays ago, Adella had a fever and was showing signs of a cold. We thought it was just from teething, as she has 2 new teeth that popped through. Her fever was moderate and manageable. Until last Saturday, it fever got to be about 103 so I brought her into “Kids Doc” which is a baby urgent care in Mission Viejo. I didn’t like bringing her in there with all the other sick kids but she needed to be seen. It turns out she had an infection in both of her ears… 😦 So we started her on that yummy bubble gum pink amoxicillin that we all remember. She took it pretty well too. 

A couple days into the medicine, she woke up with a blotchy rash all over her body. I called the doctor and they thought it could be that she was allergic to the antibiotic. I stopped the medication immediately but she was still irritable, not eating, and slightly feverish. I was concerned about treating her ear infection but also that she may react to a different medication. (Tim had been at work for 3 days, and just about every other day after that) Luckily T was around to give me a break during the day. After many phone calls back and forth between the telephone nurse and pediatrician I brought her in to be checked one more time. The infection cleared up on it’s own (they think it was viral) and she is now back to her normal self. 

So now that we are back to normal, she has grown into a new phase… mama’s girl. She is stuck to me like a little barnacle, and will go from a dramatic cry when with anyone else, to a chatty happy girl the minute I pick her up. I’m not complaining though… I know one day she won’t want anything to do with me, so I am embracing this new phase and loving her snuggling into me :). 

We still have a million things to catch up on, all those things that were neglected while caring for her. But as soon as we have a minute we’ll post some new pictures of the “teefs“.


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