Almost 8 months

Adella is almost 8 months… crazy!! We hit a huge milestone last week… finger foods!! One of the moms at bootcamp has a 7 month old son and started giving him gerber puffs, so I thought we’d try them out on Adella. She LOVES them. She picks them up off of a tray and puts them in her mouth and it’s the cutest thing to watch. Not a big deal to most, but a huge one for us, and it gives me about 15 minutes to clean up the kitchen. I now see why all the moms call it “kiddie crack”…

She is talking more than ever, it’s pretty funny when we bring her out to dinner because she is SO LOUD… especially when we’re in a loud restaurant. I think she likes all the commotion. 

We went to our first birthday party on Sunday. Adella’s little friend from baby bootcamp turned 1. It was a beautiful day at Linda Lane park and she did so well missing her usual 2 hour afternoon nap. 

We also play a little peek-a-boo game where we’ll put a blanket on her head and she’ll pull it off and laugh, or we’ll put it on our heads and she’ll pull it off and laugh. She is starting to really develop her sense of humor. 

Here is another one of those classic cheesey kiddie kandids…


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