Aloha Again!

We’ve been here for almost a week now, and luckily we have another week to go! Not trying to rub it in…. but we have had so much fun taking Adella to the beach and introducing her to all of our favorite things in Hawaii (Not that she will remember, but it’s fun for us!).

We had a baby blessing ceremony performed by Danny Akaka, the same man that married us at the Mauna Lani. Danny is the cultural historian at the Mauna Lani Resort and a practicing Kahu (minister). Tim and I wanted to have Adella Christened but neither one of us practice any sort of religion so we thought a Hawaiian blessing would be fitting. It was a beautiful ceremony right by the ocean and Adella was perfect through all of it. She was sprinkled with ocean water by a ti leaf and Danny said some prayers all in Hawaiian. Even though we couldn’t understand the language, the importance of each chant was clear. We were very lucky to have Danny do this for us, as he is extremely busy throughout the year, and we are very grateful.

We decided to stay the night at the resort after the blessing ceremony for a little pampering. Everyone remembered us and we were upgraded to an AMAZING ocean front room!! We had dinner at the Canoe House (Adella slept the whole time) and had breakfast on our Lanai in the morning. We spent the next day in a cabana on the beach and had everything delivered to us ocean side. It was another perfect day. Everyone is so nice at the resort and we highly recommend going there, as it is a wonderful way to spend a shit load of money!

Here are a few pictures from this past week. We have many more but forgot the cord to one of the cameras we brought. (Yes, we brought multiple cameras) So we’ll have to wait till we get back for video footage and lot’s of cute beach pics.

Little bikini wahine!
Someone loves her mama!
Part of our ocean front view, recognize this patch of sand??
Breakfast in bed is nice, but breakfast on your ocean front Lanai is even better…. sorry!
Baby and Baby Daddy in a cabana on the beach


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